Microsoft Operating Seystem windowa 8.1

With the addition something new to the Microsoft Corporation released Windows 8.1 in October last year . If anyone can take the whole taste absolutely free of charge . Enterprise 8.1 evaluation version of Windows to use the image file that can be downloaded from the internet up to 90 days .
To download the file:
32 – bit computer systems and the size of the server address of 2.63 GB . On the other hand , 64 – bit system can be deployed from address . Its size is 3.53 GB . Microsoft’s Hotmail or Windows Live ID using technet Evaluation Center 8.1 Enterprise Edition can download the image file . For this you Will be addressed at .
How to Install:
Windows can be installed in two ways by using the image file – empty of any form or a boot able ISO image to DVD or to burn or at least 4 GB capacity larger pen drive Wright made ​​boot able by extracting the image file . Microsoft’s own Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool ‘ does it with a pen down the operating system can be installed on my computer , the tool server address,
How to activate:
If you want to get all the benefits of the new operating system, Windows will activate or activate online. So at least once , even if the computer is connected to the Internet . Join the computer to the Internet using the Windows Key + S to enter the Activate Windows and select this option . From here , activate Windows online , by clicking on the activate button and wait a while . See the bottom right corner of the desktop mode, the license has been valid for 90 days .


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